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Our Interns

Jacksonville Magazine opens its doors to interns from colleges near and far. Many past interns have gone on to work at a variety of publications, and a few members of the Jax Mag staff started out in the trenches as interns themselves. (Just kidding, we don’t have any trenches. They’re really more like ditches. Ditches dug by interns.)

Here are a few profiles of recent and current interns. If you’re interested in interning with us, please visit this page to get details on how to apply.

Austin Lindner // Editorial Intern


Summer editorial intern Austin Lindner is a junior at Taylor University majoring in journalism/media writing with a minor in music. Born in Ohio, Austin has lived in Florida for nine years.

Austin has a passion for arts and entertainment and enjoys writing about all things musical, creative and controversial. He considers himself an amateur film critic with vast knowledge of random movie trivia and enjoys reading and writing social commentary.

In his off time, Austin can be found playing guitar, singing songs to his cat (Golden Hubert Samuel Fernando Nutella Archibald Lindner), watching classic horror movies and drinking iced coffee by the gallon.

Expected to graduate in May of 2017, he hopes to pursue a career in print or online journalism, working as an entertainment or opinions writer.   



Shannen Hurst // Editorial Intern

imageSummer editorial intern Shannen Hurst is a Senior at the University of North Florida majoring in Multimedia Journalism and Production. Born and raised in Naples, Shannen moved to Jacksonville to pursue her degree in 2011.

When she isn’t working, interning, or studying, you can almost always find her binge watching Netflix and cuddling her adorable dog, Bauer. Her ideal day-off would include a latte in hand while online shopping her favorite boutiques and scrolling through the wedding boards on Pinterest. Her favorite food is tacos and anything topped with avocado.

Expected to graduate in December 2015, she hopes to continue her journalism career at a major news network or magazine, with a focus on pop culture and entertainment.

Dylan Heraman // Editorial Intern

Day at the Zoo

Summer Editorial Intern Dylan Heraman is a junior at Florida State University majoring in Editing, Writing and Media with a Minor in Communications. New York born and Florida raised, from a young age he has always had a distinct passion for writing, communicating effectively through words and expressing himself creatively.

Dylan is a sincere lover of the entertainment industry and thoroughly enjoys writing about fashion, music, movies and television. His guilty pleasures include puppies, sushi, horror movies and anything cotton candy flavored. In his leisure time, he enjoys walking around St. Augustine or visiting Neptune Beach with his fluffy Labradoodle, Myles, for some fun in the sun. His ideal day off would consist of spending quality time with loved ones gathered around the television watching Investigation Discovery.

Expected to graduate in May of 2016, he hopes to one day pursue a successful career as a writer, correspondent, or possibly even editor-in-chief of a popular entertainment-based television program or magazine publication.

Lauren Dennis // Editorial Intern

mac beach 1Summer editorial intern Lauren Dennis is a born and raised Floridian with a love for words. She was drawn to pursue a degree in Journalism because of her interest in the ability of language to convey meaning through symbols and letters.

Lauren has a passion for healthy eating and living, and is an avid fan of Cheers, Frasier, and ’80s rock. She enjoys writing in her leisure time, reading memoirs at local coffee shops, and being with her friends. Her ideal day is one she gets to experience quite often living on Florida’s coast and consists of taking her dog to the beach, preferably during magic hour with her headphones in.

Majoring in Multimedia Journalism at the University of North Florida, she plans to graduate December 2015.

Fallon Mayer // Editorial Intern


Fallon Mayer is a senior at the University of North Florida majoring in mass communications journalism & production with a minor in photography. Born and raised in Florida, this is her third year residing in the Jacksonville area.

Her interest in photography led her to the creative and mysterious side of journalism after reading a biography on world-renowned photographer, Dorthea Lange. Fallon has since then carried a strong appetite for hard news, global conflicts and documentary-style context in an effort to carry on the need for photojournalism.

When she isn’t in class reading up on the latest current events she’s out on the town visiting the antique stores and vintage shops in hopes for another vinyl to add to the collection. Fallon enjoys hiking and running through mountain trails occassionally, stopping to take a photograph of the scenery.

Expected to graduate in May, Fallon would like to continue her pursuit in journalism writing, eventually traveling and documenting for a news or magazine source.

Fallon completed her internship with Jax Mag in April 2015.

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