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Weird But True

Strange in the City
Northeast Florida stays quirky in more ways than one.
In a town with multiple airports and military bases, it’s not unusual to see an aircraft with flashing lights in the sky. However, not all flying objects can be identified, which is why local yokels post their UFO sightings on websites like and More than 100 believers have shared visions of boomerang-shaped entities and silver spheres with strobe lights, and green fireballs making “zed-zid zed-zid” sounds. Na-nu na-nu, indeed.

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Thrifty Finds

Jax On the Cheap
Ways to stretch your pennies and have a good time doing it.
Renovations to Jacksonville’s iconic Friendship Fountain are done, making the riverfront park an ideal spot to enjoy a picnic or stroll along the Southbank. Improvements include grassy areas, additional seating, new lighting and trees and the stunning fountain right in the center of it all. If you are there at night, colorful lights accentuate the water fountain, creating a must-see destination. Free. 1015 Museum Cir.,

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Sore but loving it !!

So I have conquered my second one on one workout with the most amazing wonder woman Jackie Culver. After doing the first work out last Friday I was in so much pain. This is coming from a non active individual who hasn’t worked out in a while. It was finally time to get these muscles […]

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Getting into shape!

I have been feeling pretty sore the past few days but needless to say I feel AMAZING!! Wednesday morning at 7am I met Jackie for another sunrise workout, and I felt like I was able to do a lot more from my first one. Jackie is such a wonderful positive push and an absolute god-sent […]

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One Week Down, One Pound Down

My first week of the Wedding Gown Slim Down is officially in the books and I’m pumped about how things are going so far! I’ve had just enough time to recover from the devastation that was having my weight, measurements and body fat percentage recorded by someone other than myself for the first time since […]

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My first workout!

So today was my first official workout with Jackie, and man did she KICK my butt!! We did a 60 minute interval training complete with pushups, crunches, jump rope, bicep curls, lounges, running sprints, and so many other things. I definitely didn’t think I could do everything that I did but Jackie is the positive […]

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The Life of a Nanny

So since last night and until tomorrow night I am watching the two kids I nanny fulltime while the parents are out of town. They are ages 4 and 2, so needless to say all the kiddie food around me is very tempting!! One of the other brides Julie is being very supportive and sending […]

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Now walk it out….

“These boots were made for walkin”….. This morning started out great, the girls and I met with our trainer Jackie at Memorial Park bright and early to do our physical assessments. After we were finished with that it was time for Shannon Miller Lifestyle Walk-Fit Program to begin and we walked a mile around Memorial […]

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Exercising & feeling great!

Hi everyone, So this morning the three of us brides trekked out to Memorial Park down in Riverside at 7:30am. It was such a beautiful park, and a smokey free morning. (Those are becoming far and few between in Jacksonville). After completing the challenge of parallel parking I met up with Jackie and we completed […]

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The first true test…

Temptation: “Something that temps, entices, or allures”… Today was only the second day of the WGSD Competition and wow was it a challenge for me.  People have been telling me that once I get past the 1st or 2nd week it will not be as bad. I sure hope they are right; since today was […]

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