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Jason SurfrApp

Jason SurfrApp is kind of a marketing genius. I thought about how to start this post out for quite some time, because I didn’t know how to touch on everything quirky Jason does in  just an opening paragraph. So, I decided, I’m not going to. There’s many facets to Jason SurfrApp, so I’m going to […]

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Eyes and Ears Design

You know those types of people who just seem to know how to do everything? Well, we’re about to introduce you to one of those people. Usually you want to roll your eyes in envy at these types of people, but with this gal you can’t, because you’re too caught up in a real good […]

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Make Jax Weird

Somewhere in the City is quite often known for finding the quirky features in Jax. However, today we want to introduce you to something weird. There’s quietly and slowly been a little movement in our city, and we’ve been watching and seeing it evolve more and more into the potential it holds. SitC couldn’t wait […]

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Sally Ann and Shelby

With fashion week taking place this month there was a lot of hype about style. With all that, I thought it’d be great to introduce you to an alternative fashion – not one you’d find on the runway. You’d find this one in arts markets, at pop up events, and in a Shasta Compact. That’s […]

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Chomp Chomp

We’re all trying to find new places to eat and hang out in Jax, and to be honest, so am I. However, there are a few places that I keep finding myself going back to. They are also the places that I force my out of town guests to try while they’re visiting! One of […]

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King Street Studios

Tucked away on King Street is what us locals are calling the arts district. A lot of us have looked to CoRK as the only thing in the arts. While the owners of King Street Studio saw growth and potential, the whole street held. I’ll be honest; when we went to King Street Studios, I […]

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