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Beach Road Chicken Dinners

To see the action at Beach Road, you've got to get into the kitchen. That's where you'll find Jami Dawson, Werner Jones, owners Tena (not pictured) and Ken Ferger, Nema Hawkins and Gloria Bartley. The Fergers took ownership of the 70-year-old chicken joint in 1998. Photo: Brad Stookey, 2010

Time was when there was really only one road to take for a direct route to the beach. And Beach Road Chicken was the place to stop for a bite after a day at the shore. That was back in the 1930s. But Beach Road keeps chugging on, turning out thousands of pieces of crispy and golden brown chicken every week. It’s not fancy and her age is showing, but few diners seem to mind, particularly when about $10 buys a Southern-fried feast. The four-piece meal comes with fries, creamed peas, cole slaw, three biscuits and gravy. You’ll need extra napkins.

4132 Atlantic Blvd., Arlington, 398-7980 • Inducted 2009

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