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Beaches Endodontics

BEACHES_ENDO_AL2_1467r2Robert Radel, DMD, MS

“At Beaches Endodontics, our primary focus is—and always will be—patient care,” says endodontist Dr. Robert Radel. “I am committed to ensuring that each patient has the best experience possible while undergoing their dental treatment. From the moment you make your appointment to my personal phone call to each patient following treatment, I want to ensure that we exceed your expectations.”

With over 15 years of clinical experience in diagnosis, root canal treatment and root canal surgery, Dr. Radel is able to provide excellent patient care while achieving outstanding results. He began his dental career in the U. S. Navy, providing dental treatment to our country’s Sailors and Marines. “I loved being in the Navy,” exudes former Lieutenant Commander Radel. “It has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.”

HIGH-TECH ENDO  Among the specialized tools Dr. Radel and his staff utilize are advanced digital radiography that uses less radiation than traditional film x-rays and high-powered microscopes that employ fiber-optic lights. This equipment enables Dr. Radel to view extremely fine tooth structures that would otherwise be impossible to see, ensuring the best root treatment possible for every case.

233 N 3rd St., Suite 204, Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250 / (904) 241-0030

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