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Bono's Pit Bar-B-Q


Lou Bono fired up the pits of his first restaurant in Jacksonville back in 1949. Now there are more than 20 locations. Combined, Jeannie Eichenlaub, Wendell Taylor, Arthur Nelson and Maureen Mojica have worked for the BBQ house for 80-plus years. Photo: Brad Stookey, 2010

Few topics of discussion bring impassioned opinions to the surface faster than barbecue. That magical combination of heat, smoke and sauce was perfected at the city’s original Bono’s way back in 1948. They’ve been preparing beef, pork, chicken, turkey and sausage ever since, and the legendary Harvey Green has been chopping meat behind the counter since 1956. There are now more than a dozen Bono’s in all, but the first is still considered the best by “Q” aficionados.

4907 Beach Blvd., Southside, 398-4248 • Inducted 2009

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