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Wealth management is a term that means different things to different people. However, most agree that the word “management” is meant to be a positive—as in grow, protect, reduce risk, help me sleep at night. Jacksonville Magazine has partnered with the National Association of Board Certified Advisory Practices (NABCAP) to present a list of the region’s leading wealth managers. The list is published in its entirety in the August 2013 edition of 904 Magazine and the October 2013 edition of Jacksonville Magazine. Posted here are select profiles from the list.

The Lighthouse Group at Morgan Stanley

The Lighthouse Group takes a panoramic approach to organizing wealth. We start with questions that help solve problems, simplify decisions and create clarity for your future. With our partners’ diverse backgrounds and team approach, you benefit from complementary investing and banking skills distinct to our financial advisor group.

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The MGY Group at Morgan Stanley

The MGY Group is a collaborative partnership that brings together a diverse mix of personalities, skills and backgrounds with the sole purpose of delivering a comprehensive and unparalleled level of service and advice to its high net worth retail and institutional clientele.

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Ullman Financial Group

Now in its second decade, Ullmann Financial is a registered investment advisor helping individuals, families and companies achieve financial independence with confidence. We believe financial planning and investment management must be meticulously integrated.

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