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Train to Nowhere

// by Ron P. Whittington In the early 1900s, an experiment aimed at finding homes for thousands of homeless children in New York City came to Jacksonville. It was called the Orphan Train Movement and was the brainchild of Charles Loring Brace, a minister and early social worker best known as the representative of nineteenth-century […]

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Scalloping|Port St Joe

Never ever have I been so excited about a boat outing. I love boats, I really do. But this time there was food foraging involved. We were going scalloping. My dear friend Suzanah had invited us to join her family out on the bay of Port St Joe. We went out on her dad, Danny’s, […]

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Kingsley Plantation

It was a moody, rainy September day. Kingsley Plantation drew us in with its white, tabby slave hut walls, leading us to its grander wooden beams and out to the low country water ways, beyond the oak and palm swept property. In the distance, a heavy growth of ferns, palms and Spanish moss covered land once […]

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Savannah is a majestic green wonderland with its moody tree lined streets, romantic hanging Spanish moss and fountain and park bench filled squares. I have found in the past that if I am taking a short trip up north I would head straight to Charleston and only bypass Savannah, using it as a quick coffee […]

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San Francisco – The Mission District

  The Mission. It’s a fragrant place. The air is filled with wafts of burritos and fresh graffiti paint. Everything is vibrant – the hibiscus, the houses, the alley walls, people’s innovation. The history is present and the freshness is rife. Of course, my agenda was food driven. I inhaled the bread pudding, drank the […]

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Florida Keys

It was the Fourth of July weekend and we had decided to head down to the Florida keys. Quite the known death trap. We were camping. It was summer. We were most likely going to die of heat exhaustion… Very rarely do I play the role of negative Nancy towards the idea or places of travel. However this time, […]

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Big Sur

We had been driving for 6 hours with little fuel left in our car and our tummies. But we didn’t care. Or at least I didn’t. Over the next mountain, would be the mother of all places to find myself on our West Coast road trip. A place that I had heard about via Kerouac and once […]

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Road Trip

Summer road trips tend to ignite such a sense of adventure and wanderlust, don’t they? Think state hopping, vista seeing, piled into the car, windows rolled down, radio turned up, not sure where we are sleeping tonight kind of road trips. The kind of road trip where pulling over to take a photo only ten […]

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