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Outside The Den

We’re Alex and Heather, and travel fills our souls. We love exploring the country (and hopefully soon the world!) and we use our blog, Outside The Den, to inspire others to do the same. We believe that through culinary adventures, cultural explorations, community happenings, and natural wonders you can break up your routine and expand your horizons. Alex is […]

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Jacksonville Magazine’s Top 50 Restaurants

There’s no doubt about it, the food landscape is changing. words by Virginia Chamlee  //  photos by Agnes Lopez Though it may take a while, food trends—cupcakes, food trucks, anything with kale in it—will inevitably make their way to your neighborhood. It’s good news for foodies, but sometimes it can make choosing a place to […]

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Springfield’s Hush Hush Breakfast Spot

Some of the best things that come to us are in secrets. That’s exactly what we’re going to share with you today – a secret. However, we’re going to seal our mouth on where exactly it’s located and its name. I know, how silly to write about a restaurant and not even tell you the name of […]

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¡Que Delicioso!

Local dining landmark is transformed into an upscale Mexican joint   by Virginia Chamlee  //  photos by agnes lopez Sun Dog Diner was a fixture on the Neptune Beach dining scene for decades so, when the venerable eatery announced it was closing its doors, many locals were greatly disappointed. Since then, the space was bought […]

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