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Grape Expectations

Since this is my first piece for the new Jacksonville Magazine blog on the subject of all things wine and food, I thought it wise to give a brief background into who I am and what I’m doing here. [By “here” I mean Jacksonville, as well as “here” on this website and by “brief” I mean […]

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Good Sport

A familiar face on air in a new place by matt coleman  //  photo by agnes lopez For a guy who’s been a Jacksonville television fixture for close to three decades, spending six months off the air is daggum excruciating. Dan Hicken signed on to join CBS47/FOX30’s Action Sports 360 last year after his contract […]

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2013 Cover Model Amber Clayton

Amber has been paired with Team Meow and Barks Boutique Captain/Stylist: Traci Evans Hair: Alnisa Turner Makeup LaTavia Dawson Photographer: LaNorris Blutcher   Meet Amber: Where are you from? Waldo, Florida What is your profession? Human Resources Favorite TV show? Bones Favorite movie? It’s a toss up between Pretty Woman and Earth Girls are Easy […]

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2013 Cover Model Mic Quetta Flournoy

Mic Quetta has been paired with Team Kimberly Clarke Salon Captain/Hair: Kimberly Clarke Makeup: Christopher Andrews Stylist: Brandon Shalton Photographer: Richie Varela Assistant: Stephanie Vandelogt   Meet Mic Quetta: Where are you from? I’m originally from St.Louis Mo. Favorite TV show? Fave TV show would have to be Martin Favorite movie? Pursuit of Happiness Biggest […]

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2013 Cover Model Maya Lundquist

Maya has been paired with Team Daryna Barykina Captain/Photographer: Daryna Barykina Hair: Erica Reynolds Makeup: Lilia Budnik Stylist: Yvonne Van Wie Assistant: Alex Barykina   Meet Maya: Where are you from? My family is from Sweden and I was born in New Jersey. What is your profession? I am a full-time student continuing my studies […]

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2013 Cover Model Kaylee Barker

Kaylee has been paired with Team Aura Captain/Photographer: Vanessa Johnson Hair: Lydia Grant Makeup: Joanna Argyropoulos Stylist: Amber Born Assistant: Kasey Braddock   Meet Kaylee: What’s your favorite TV show? Scandal and Pretty Little Liars Favorite movie? Hanna and Columbiana Favorite place to shop? Banana Republic, Express, forever 21 Favorite item of clothing? My Betsy […]

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