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House Calls

Dr. Brian Stephens went into residency at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville after graduating from the Medical College of Georgia in 2002. He loved seeing patients, but he didn’t love the short bit of time he was expected to spend with each one. “I was always pushed to see more patients, to get our clinic […]

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Grape Expectations

Since this is my first piece for the new Jacksonville Magazine blog on the subject of all things wine and food, I thought it wise to give a brief background into who I am and what I’m doing here. [By “here” I mean Jacksonville, as well as “here” on this website and by “brief” I mean […]

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Good Sport

A familiar face on air in a new place by matt coleman  //  photo by agnes lopez For a guy who’s been a Jacksonville television fixture for close to three decades, spending six months off the air is daggum excruciating. Dan Hicken signed on to join CBS47/FOX30’s Action Sports 360 last year after his contract […]

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2013 Cover Model Amber Clayton

Amber has been paired with Team Meow and Barks Boutique Captain/Stylist: Traci Evans Hair: Alnisa Turner Makeup LaTavia Dawson Photographer: LaNorris Blutcher   Meet Amber: Where are you from? Waldo, Florida What is your profession? Human Resources Favorite TV show? Bones Favorite movie? It’s a toss up between Pretty Woman and Earth Girls are Easy […]

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2013 Cover Model Mic Quetta Flournoy

Mic Quetta has been paired with Team Kimberly Clarke Salon Captain/Hair: Kimberly Clarke Makeup: Christopher Andrews Stylist: Brandon Shalton Photographer: Richie Varela Assistant: Stephanie Vandelogt   Meet Mic Quetta: Where are you from? I’m originally from St.Louis Mo. Favorite TV show? Fave TV show would have to be Martin Favorite movie? Pursuit of Happiness Biggest […]

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2013 Cover Model Maya Lundquist

Maya has been paired with Team Daryna Barykina Captain/Photographer: Daryna Barykina Hair: Erica Reynolds Makeup: Lilia Budnik Stylist: Yvonne Van Wie Assistant: Alex Barykina   Meet Maya: Where are you from? My family is from Sweden and I was born in New Jersey. What is your profession? I am a full-time student continuing my studies […]

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