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Long time no talk!!

Hey y’all, I am so so SO sorry I haven’t blogged in so long. These past few weeks have been such a whirlwind. I was hired as a second grade teacher at RL Brown Elementary in Downtown Jax. I had one week to put my whole entire classroom together, and I just survived my second […]

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Getting stronger

Howdy, So the workouts are going well… besides one work out I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. It is called “Hell with Jackie” and believe me that name says it all. It all started at 5:15am and we met at the parking garage of the hospital. We did a warm up by walking around the […]

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Im Feeling Great..!!

Howdy to all, This past week I have been feeling great, and I’ve been having a lot of energy. Its amazing how good you feel when you eat the proper foods and exercise! At home I have been walking, and doing sit ups and crunches; its interesting that all these years I have been doing […]

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Wedding Gown Slim Down

Congratulations to Adrienne Cartagena, Nicole Sommers and Julie Vonn, the three brides-to-be selected to participate in our inaugural Wedding Gown Slim Down. Now the hard work has begun. The fitness and health experts at Shannon Miller Lifestyle will put the women through a 12-week routine, led by fitness guru Jackie Culver, designed to improve their […]

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I feel AMAZING!!!

Hey y’all I truly do apologize that I haven’t blogged in the past week or two, things have just been so crazy. I’ve been nannying a lot, and also trying to get hired as a teacher before the school year begins (so stressful by the way). I have still been working out with Jackie, and […]

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Redemption Week…So I Thought

Last week I was in Austin, Texas for work and while I kept up with my exercise—there was even a day I did walking lunges around the perimeter of the pool—I really let things slide with my diet. From barbecue, to Tex-Mex and Thai food off a truck, you name it—I ate it! It was […]

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Walk-Fit with Chum….

Howdy all, This past Wednesday was the Walk Fit with Shannon Miller and Chum! You are probably wondering who is Chum? He is the mascot for the Jacksonville Sharks, dont feel bad I didnt know who he was too. (: This was by far my favorite Walk-Fit Wednesday ever! When we walk around Memorial Park I usually […]

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I'm a busy Bride-to-be !

Howdy, Last week was an amazing week on the “Slim Down”! It was a busy week at that—we met with the Nutritionist Frances C. at St. Luke’s Hospital. She was amazing and was honest in helping each one of us “work” with our issues.  It was great roundtable discussion with the four of us. I […]

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Confessions of a Bad Blogger

So I’m afraid that I’ve been neglecting this blog to avoid having to admit “out loud” that I’m really struggling. And I think the reason I’ve been avoiding it, is that I worry about what admitting that fact means. I’ve had so many wonderful opportunities the last few weeks: one-on-one workouts with an amazing trainer […]

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