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Redemption Week…So I Thought

Last week I was in Austin, Texas for work and while I kept up with my exercise—there was even a day I did walking lunges around the perimeter of the pool—I really let things slide with my diet. From barbecue, to Tex-Mex and Thai food off a truck, you name it—I ate it! It was […]

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Confessions of a Bad Blogger

So I’m afraid that I’ve been neglecting this blog to avoid having to admit “out loud” that I’m really struggling. And I think the reason I’ve been avoiding it, is that I worry about what admitting that fact means. I’ve had so many wonderful opportunities the last few weeks: one-on-one workouts with an amazing trainer […]

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One Week Down, One Pound Down

My first week of the Wedding Gown Slim Down is officially in the books and I’m pumped about how things are going so far! I’ve had just enough time to recover from the devastation that was having my weight, measurements and body fat percentage recorded by someone other than myself for the first time since […]

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