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Day One

Welcome future brides-to-be and everyone else!

Let me start off by thanking the Jacksonville Magazine for giving me this amazing opportunity in the 2011  Bridal Gown Slim Down.  Myself and the two other brides (Nicole & Adrienne) will be teamed up with Shannon Miller Lifestyle and Jackie Culver for the next 12 weeks to look great for our big day!

Welcome all, my name is Julie Vonn and my wedding  is 11-11-11. I’m getting married in Winter Park, Florida.  My fiance Jeff and I really didn’t think that our date would be as popular as it is. We picked this date because three years ago we became “official” on November 11th, and we were ready to get married in 2011, so why not do 11-11-11. (: Little did we know that the rest of the world thought that date was cool. So searching for the perfect venue was difficult, since everything had already been booked the following  year. I was so lucky when my step mom Cheryl  found a wonderful house to have our wedding and reception at next to a lake. It was perfect, it was exactly what I wanted, and ever since then planning our big day has been a breeze, besides one thing…. My wedding dress… I went with my best friend Nettie looking for that “perfect” dream dress. I tried on about a handful, but I was getting a little discouraged when the consultant was bringing out sizes way too big for me. Little did I know, the sizes she brought to me were the correct size. I couldn’t bear the fact that I had gained so much weight in the past few years.

Let’s fast forward a few months. I went to a Jacksonville Magazine Brides Night, and heard about this competition coming up and I went online and signed up. I thought this would be perfect for me, I can work with a trainer and a nutritionist and learn what the correct portion size is, and how to read a food label, and know how to eat out.  After submitting my entry form, and getting the first call back for my interview, and then waiting patiently to see if I was one of the three brides picked… and I was! I was so excited words can not even explain it. So that brings me to today:

This experience will be a challenge for me, but I’m so ready to start and to see my outcome at the end of the 12 weeks.  It’s a running  joke with my family that I eat like a child. Every time we go out to dinner they look to see if there are any chicken tenders on the menu. It’s pretty sad, even if we go to a nice restaurant I will still order chicken tenders! So for the next 12 weeks I’m going to strive to stay away from my favorite food.

My second favorite food :… Chips! This is going to be very hard as well to limit and even cut out period.  I could eat chips for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I can see it now, your face is all wrinkled up in disgust, but it’s the truth.

Those are the two things that will be my constant struggle.  I know with the tools that I have been given this will not be a 12 weeks fix but a lifelong lifestyle change for me and my fiance.

Day One:

Today was exciting. I arrived at the Jacksonville Magazine headquarters and met the other two brides (Nicole & Adrienne) and I’m excited that we are the brunette girls! We then were greeted by Shannon, Jackie, Kathy as we sat around the round table talking; all my nerves were set aside and I became relaxed. It was reassuring that I wasn’t alone; meaning that I’m about to be married and have packed on the pounds. The girls were so sweet and we all shared the same struggles. It was funny to find out Nicole and I both eat like a ten-year-old! We both like all the processed foods, and are extremely picky eaters!

Next, we met with Brad, the Jacksonville Magazine photographer and we had a photo shoot.  We took individual photos in our regular clothes and then our workout clothes.  Also, did  a few group shots too.

Then it was time for the dreaded weigh in… (dim the lights, and don’t let anyone look at my numbers please.) It felt like I was on the biggest loser and the whole world was watching me…… well ok, I over-exaggerated a tad. It wasn’t that bad (: Jackie instructed me  to take my shoes and socks off and hop on. So here I stand in the middle of the JM office on the scale waiting for the zeros to stop flashing and there it was, the three digits. Drum roll please —-> 144 Lbs <—-. For some people this is an alright size, but you have to look at it in my eyes. I have gained a good solid 20 something  pounds in the last two years and would like to get back to my ideal weight again. I cant wait  for my final blog in 12 weeks to report back to everyone my final weigh in and see the lifestyle change that I have made. As I think about it, if I loose 5 lbs I will be happy; if I don’t lose any weight and get toned that will be great as well.  I’m so eager to start this journey with two amazing brides, and to work with Shannon and Jackie.

Let the food journal, step calculator, healthy living, exercise driven, hard working- Wedding Gown Slim Down Challenge Begin!!


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