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Florida Eye Specialists

FL Eye Specialists LR

Ophthalmology & Oculoplastics
S. Akbar Hasan, MD • David Kostick, MD, FACS • Kathryn Freidl, MD • Rajesh Shetty, MD
11512 Lake Mead Ave., Suite 534, Jacksonville, FL 32256 • 224 Ponte Vedra Park Dr., Ponte Vedra Beach, FL  32082 • 904.642.2222 •
Board Certifications: American Board of Ophthalmology
Fellowships: Dr. Freidl: Glaucoma & Cataract Surgery at the Wills Eye Institute in Philadelphia • Dr. Hasan: Cornea, LASIK  & Cataract Surgery at Duke Universtiy
Dr. Kostick: Oculoplastic, Orbital & Lacrimal Surgery at West Virginia University • Dr. Shetty: Glaucoma & Cataract Surgery at the Wills Eye Institute in Philadelphia
The physicians of Florida Eye Specialists share a common passion to provide excellence in eye care. All have dedicated numerous years to research and education and are proud of their practice’s emphasis on compassionate, patient-centered treatment.
Last summer, the practice became one of the first to perform bladeless laser cataract surgery in North Florida. With the experience of performing over 10,000 cataract surgeries over the last two decades, Florida Eye Specialists delivers the safest, most accurate results to achieve the very best results possible for all their patients.
With over thirty years of combined experience at the Mayo Clinic, this team of eye specialists can handle the more common to the most complex eye diseases and is one of the leading eye care centers in Florida. Florida Eye Specialists now has an additional location in Ponte Vedra Beach.
Family Medical Centers
Family Health from Pediatrics to Geriatrics
Edward Secunda, DO • Frederic Porcase, DO • Jorge B. Caballero, DO • Anthony Hamaty, MD • Brittney H. Schmidt, ARNP • Tina M. Voisin, ARNP • M. Hassan Aboushaar, MD • T. Michael Hardin, DO • William Bosworth, • Gene Harris, DO • Peter Perry, PA-C • Benjamin Goh, DO • Kent Braeutigam, DO • Chris Simmons, ARNP • Mary Jo Sutherland, PA-C • Douglas Pennington, DO • Georgia Doyle, DO • Darlene VonTobel, ARNP • Ashley A. Southwick, ARNP • Robert Dajac, MD • Jaime Revollo, MD • Heather M. Wade, ARNP • Aida Yavari, DO • James W. Fetchero, DO • Rebecca Renault, ARNP • Carly L. Strickland, ARNP • Kyle Hampton, DO • Suzanne Brulte, MD • Chidi Uche, MD
SAN PABLO: 14011 Beach Blvd., Suite 120 Jacksonville, FL 32250 • 904.223.6400
ORANGE PARK: 1409 Kingley Ave. Suite 6A Orange Park, FL 32073 • 904.264.7517
ORANGE PARK–PEDIATRICS: 1555 Kinglsey Ave., Suite 601 Orange Park, FL 32073 • 904.264.0264
MANDARIN: 9765 San Jose Blvd. Jacksonville, FL 32257 • 904.268.2227
MIDDLEBURG: 3839 Country Rd. 218 Middleburg, FL 32068 • 904.282.5474
SOUTHSIDE: 1906 Southside Blvd. Jacksonville, FL 32216 • 904.724.3083
NORTHSIDE: 5445 Norwood Ave. Jacksonville, FL 32208 • 904.765.7075
RIVERSIDE: 2726 St. Johns Ave., Suite 101 Jacksonville, Fl 32205 • 904.355.3556
ARGYLE: 7855 Argyle Forest Blvd., Suite 601 Jacksonville, FL 32244 • 904.778.3389
Jacksonville TOTAL CARE–A Division of Family Medical Centers: 1126 University Blvd. N., Jacksonville, FL 32211 • 904.503.3247
COMING Summer 2014
NORMANDY: 10250 Normandy Blvd., Suite 801
BARTRAM PARK: 13241 Bartram Park, Blvd., Suite 1509 • •
The mission of Family Medical Centers is to provide the best possible care for Families, through each phase of life. As a physician-owned corporation its providers strive to meet the medical needs of the entire family from pediatrics to geriatrics. As a part of Northeast Florida for over 25 years, with more than 20 providers who offer affordable, quality care at 12 locations throughout our community.

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