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Getting stronger


So the workouts are going well… besides one work out I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. It is called “Hell with Jackie” and believe me that name says it all. It all started at 5:15am and we met at the parking garage of the hospital. We did a warm up by walking around the hospital and ended back at the stairs, and that’s when it all started. I was instructed to run up to the 6th floor of the parking garage and touch the door and make my way back down. I did that twice and then make my way to my towel and do sit ups/push ups and then it was back to the stairs. I did that until I did 200 flights of stairs!! I literally thought I was going to die! I guess I need to get my negotiation skills back up to par, I tried but didn’t work. On the way home I seriously thought I was going to throw up, but I made it home to throw up (: It was  a very intense work out I must say and I really hope we don’t do that again. That day my legs didn’t hurt, but I did feel it the next morning.
Besides the HWJ my other workouts have been going well, I can tell that I’m getting stronger and Im able to do workouts longer. It is a great feeling.

Picture: Me after the work out from hellll!

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