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Stylish Tips For the Man Who Hasn’t Worn a Tux Since Prom

by Michael Hall • photo by Agnes Lopez • from the Fall/Winter 2012 edition of Bride

While a groom’s wedding look has traditionally taken a back seat to the bride’s attire, there is still plenty of room for him to make a splash. One such way is by choosing a smart, modern look, one that reflects both the significance of the occasion and the maturity of the man. This selection isn’t always easy, particularly if a groom goes into it the same way he went into selecting his senior prom outfit. Three local men’s formalwear experts concur.

“You shouldn’t go looking for a tux like you would for a prom,” says Kevin Jeffrie, manager of Men’s Wearhouse at Regency. “They’re two entirely different occasions and require different looks. Prom kids want flash, but more mature adults need something more conservative, especially for a wedding.”

Richard Rosenblum, co-owner of Rosenblum’s, agrees. “Kids are generally all over the place with [their choices]. Grooms need to be more discerning. They should go for a well-fitted or custom-made garment that looks and feels the best. They should also be looking to buy, rather than rent, a tux.”

While both Jeffrie and Rosenblum highlight the values of a tux, Corey Brown, an independent event designer who assisted in styling the fashion shoot beginning on page 44, believes a well-tailored suit is a better option. “There are many advantages to wearing a suit over a tux,” says Brown. “First off, you own it—so you can wear it again for work or another wedding or special function. Second, suits are versatile.” He also adds that you can match a suit to a particular wedding theme or season.

Like our two other experts, Brown also thinks the key to a great suit is in the fit. “The suit I chose for our modern, updated groom was a three-piece suit from Banana Republic. The fit was tailored and the fabric was light and breathable.”

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