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Jacksonville Magazine's 904

904 was created to combine in-depth feature stories, opinion pieces, personality profiles and a wealth of business-related articles prepared by a cadre of professional writers, photographers and graphic designers.

The four-color magazine contains a variety of on-going department articles on topics such as executive travel, personal finance, networking and VIP Q&As. In addition, regular articles featured throughout 2013 include focuses on new banking strategies, international trade, corporate giving, executive health and more.

Our December edition edition is highlighted by articles focusing on topics as varied as how to deal with mental illness in the workplace to writing emails that people will actually read. In addition, we’ve included a piece about networking and how to make it more than just a chance to schmooze with friends, as well as an article that discusses the differences between bank and credit union business lending. Our cover story this month presents an update of many of latest developments and announcements of commercial projects in and around the city’s urban core.

To learn more, please call (904) 389-3622. For a 904 media kit, click here.

View the edition online.

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