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L.A. Quinn M.D.


Stem Cells, Bio Identical Hormones, Anti-Aging
Jacksonville Anti-Aging Cosmetic Surgery Wellness
484 Jacksonville Dr., Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250 • 904.595.5980 • •
Board Certification: Diplomate American Board of Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine; School of Biomedical Sciences College of Medicine, University of South Florida School of Medicine; Masters Metabolic & Nutritional Medicine OB/GYN
Advanced Training & Fellowships: American Academy of Anti-Aging Regenerative & Functional Medicine, Cosmetic Surgery
Since 2004, Anti-Aging Specialist and Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Linda Quinn has guided thousands of women and men in mid-life or better to fall back in love with their reflections in the mirror in the ways that feel best for them. Whether clients begin the journey first with solving the most visible problems that are giving them reason to frown or need to address hormonal issues that are preventing them from loving life such as crankiness, weight gain and fatigue. In collaboration with Dr. Quinn, they will pursue a custom treatment plan that starts the process of turning back the clock so they can feel and look better.
A single mother of four daughters who are living beautiful lives on their own terms, Dr. Quinn’s mission and commitment is to be a catalyst to empower her patients to do the same. Patients value the results they welcome. And most importantly, they treasure the way Dr. Quinn makes them feel by how she treats them.
L.A Quinn MD is a nationally recognized consultative practice. Dr. Quinn has studied under many of the world’s leading specialists including Aesthetic, Functional and Regenerative Medicine. Dr. Quinn’s unique blend of medicine draws on conventional, biochemical, nutritional and aesthetic treatments providing a framework for individualized care.

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