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Long time no talk!!

Hey y’all,

I am so so SO sorry I haven’t blogged in so long. These past few weeks have been such a whirlwind. I was hired as a second grade teacher at RL Brown Elementary in Downtown Jax. I had one week to put my whole entire classroom together, and I just survived my second week of teaching. Needless to say my to-do list is consistently fifty items long.

Although this job has been the biggest blessing to come my way in a while, it has also brought along with it some challenges. The biggest challenge being I don’t have enough hours in the day to be working out as much as I used it. I have been working out with Jackie only on the weekends, which meant I had to amp it up myself during the week. I have been watching what I eat more than ever now, and it has helped being on a set schedule and routine with lunch every weekday. I have also been drinking lots and lots of water to assure I am flushing and replenishing my body. Lastly, my favorite thing that I do every week for ME, is go to yoga. Jackie has totally got me hooked on it, it is a wonderful workout, and I leave feeling so relaxed and stress free.

So since I am not able to go that hardcore with my fitness on the weekdays Jackie has been kicking my butt on the weekends! Last weekend she had me complete my first Tabata (also known as HIIT high intensity interval training) workout, and I literally thought I was going to die. Tabata is a series of eight mini work stations where you spend twenty seconds at each station pushing as hard as you can with a ten second rest period between each one. After you finish all eight stations you rest for one minute and do it all AGAIN, repeat this four times… and it was 6 in the morning. The mini stations included bicep curls, push ups, jumping rope, running, medicine ball, the bosu ball, and some others. It was hell during it but I felt like wonder woman after accomplishing it.

I am slowly learning how to incorporate more and more fitness into my days. For example, every other morning this week before getting ready for school I would wake up ten minutes earlier and do either some weights for my arms, or a series of situps to help with my abs. It will take time but I know I can continue to keep up the healthier lifestyle I have created for myself this summer.

Oh and Jackie measured/weighed me today. I have lost TEN POUNDS and TEN INCHES! Sorry to brag but I couldn’t be MORE proud of myself (:

Talk soon,


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