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Now walk it out….

“These boots were made for walkin”…..

This morning started out great, the girls and I met with our trainer Jackie at Memorial Park bright and early to do our physical assessments. After we were finished with that it was time for Shannon Miller Lifestyle Walk-Fit Program to begin and we walked a mile around Memorial Park. We were very fortunate that the smoke had not rolled in yet.  Shannon had a homework assessment for us to write on a blank index card; one side: long term goal and the other side short term goal. So far on my index card for my long term goal: To maintain my physical fitness and healthy living lifestyle  for years to come.  As we walked around Memorial Park I had time to talk with my other bride-to-be Nicole and both share the same struggles, and talked about how we will overcome them as well. As we ended the walk Action News was there to capture this event and did some interviews with Shannon.

The brides and I were informed that we should be taking at least 10,000 steps a day!!

On 6-21-11 I only had 4990 steps!

Today I have 9365 steps, so tomorrow I should be well over 10,000!

Breakfast: Yogurt               Lunch: Sante Fe Salad    &  Yogurt                       Dinner: Baked Chicken & Salad

Next, I will meet with Jackie 6:30am for our next session.

Photo: 6-22-11 Memorial Park


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