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Redemption Week…So I Thought

Last week I was in Austin, Texas for work and while I kept up with my exercise—there was even a day I did walking lunges around the perimeter of the pool—I really let things slide with my diet.

From barbecue, to Tex-Mex and Thai food off a truck, you name it—I ate it!

It was glorious.

I was probably more liberal with my food choices than I should have been, but I didn’t stress because I knew I’d jump right back on the clean-eating bandwagon the moment I was back on Eastern time.

Seven days, as many workouts and 21 healthy meals later and you’d more readily believe that I’d actually spent the entire week back on an Austin food truck.

I really thought this would be the week. My breakthrough. I started a new workout regimen at home, Jackie got me running 2 whole miles and (shockingly) it didn’t kill me and I’ve consumed enough dark leafy greens to, um…change the color of things.  What choice did my body have but to respond?

Well, to not respond apparently.

I thought I was getting off the roller coaster, but it appears that the lap bar and shoulder restraints are stuck.

This week, I ran for the first time since I was chased by a flock of geese at the age of five.

I was on such a high! I love breaking a sweat and challenging myself to go faster, farther and for longer. Jackie gets that and she’s done an amazing job of dishing out new challenges every time we meet. It’s the most exhilarating and accomplished hour of my day!

I’m really trying hard to stay focused on that feeling. I don’t want to lose my motivation.

I wish I could just be satisfied with my increased strength and endurance, and trust me, I am happy about those things. But unless I do walking lunges down the aisle, that’s not what people will notice as I make my way to my groom.






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