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The Beard, Storm, Chappel Group

Describe your practice.

The mission of our team is to provide financial peace of mind to our clients. We focus on providing objective, unbiased, experienced advice to a select group of families and institutions. With more than 140 years of combined experience our team provides the perspective our clients deserve.

Who is your ideal client?

Our ideal clients are families and institutions who appreciate the value of a partnership with us as their professional advisors. Our clients normally have situations that require collaboration, resources and sophistication in the management of their affairs.

Describe your customer service model.

Our boutique model assures that our clients deal directly with our local team members. In the spirit of service we are constantly looking out for their best interests and motivating them to take action to achieve their dreams. We are advocates for our clients and help them coordinate their affairs with tax and legal advisors.

What is your investment philosophy?

Our philosophy is to invest longer-term relative to goals and to avoid the cost of short-term, emotional decisions. We firmly believe in active management and using solutions where the interests of all parties are aligned.

Do you offer financial planning?

We strongly believe our clients should invest their time before investing their assets. Through an in-depth discovery process we understand their core values and help them formulate and refine goals that are clearly defined and realistic. Once implemented, we require regular updates as effective planning is an ongoing process.

Describe your risk management philosophy?

Managing risk requires the management of human emotions. Our philosophy is to help clients focus on their progress relative to their goals and on variables they can control rather than variables they cannot control.

Describe your cost structure for your services and how it relates to value?

The cost of services for our clients is based on their unique situations. We believe in being completely transparent and returning far more value to them than they incur in cost.

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