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The Beginning

Hi everyone, and welcome to my fabulous new blog!! My name is Nicole Sommers, and I am a Bride here in Jacksonville, Florida. Allen and I got engaged in September, after 7 years of dating. I just have to share the way he proposed because it is so out of the box. We went out to dinner at Cantina Laredo in the town center, and he was acting very nervous all night. Finally, he came over to my side of the table and said to me “babe, you know how I make fun of you because everywhere we go you always buy a children’s book?”. Knowing there was truth to the statement I smiled and said yes. He then told me he found a children’s book he thinks I would really like, and handed me a book.  I opened up the book, and Allen had written and published a childrens book about our love from high school throughout college, and on the last page it said “Will you marry me?”. Allen got down on one knee, and presented me with a gorgeous engagement ring that still distracts me when I am driving and it is sunny out lol We are getting married on October 7, 2012. We are actually going to sign the papers at our venue tomorrow, and officially set our date. Needless to say we are very excited.

Now onto my current struggle as a bridge; my weight. In high school, after a couple years of dating Allen I had gained what I like to call my “comfort layer” and “extra layer”. Seven years later, I still have those layers and probably a few more. Allen is also no help in this because he is consistently telling me “Babe you are beautiful just the way you are, don’t gain any, don’t lose any.” But then a few months later when he uses that same line, and I have gained four or five pounds I know he is just saying it because he loves me! I’m not huge, I’m not morbidly obese, but I am not at a healthy weight for my height. The struggle with my weight has come into focus even more now that I am a bride, and planning to fit into the perfect wedding gown, and look good on our honeymoon. After attending Jacksonville Brides Night Out hosted by the magazine I was browsing their website when I came across the Shannon Miller Lifestyle wedding gown slim down competition. Intrigued I quickly sent in my application, and was ecstatic when I got emailed about my interview. I told everyone I knew from the mommys I nanny for, to my sorority sisters, to my family.

After my interview I patiently awaited an email to see if I had been chosen, and was ecstatic when it finally came. I immediately mass texted everyone in my phone to let them know, I was chosen. Everyone in my life has been fully supportive of my participation in the wedding gown slim down, especially my fiance Allen and my best friend Nicole. As exited as I am for the next twelve weeks I am worried about one thing in particular: my diet. Many of my family members and sorority sisters can attest to the fact that I am probably the pickiest eater on the face of the earth. My diet is probably very comparable to that of a seven year old child. My favorites include chicken tenders, fruit rolls ups, lunchables, juice boxes, and cheese its. The hardest challenge for me in the wedding gown slim down is my ability to really commit to a healthier lifestyle including changing my eating habits. I look forward to this challenge and I know that I can do anything I set my mind too.

Today I sat down with Shannon Miller, Jackie our trainer, and the other two brides who are in this journey with me. Everyone was so nice, so compassionate, and so excited for this experience we are about to partake in. I am thrilled to be doing this alongside women who are just as pumped as I am, and I can already tell that we are going to have a blast together! I will be updating my blog a few times throughout the week over the next twelve weeks, to keep everyone up to date on my progress. Wish me lots of luck! :-)

All of us brides with Jackie our trainer

With JAckie