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The Florida Yacht Club

The Florida Yacht Club

5210 Yacht Club Rd., Jacksonville, FL 32210

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Since 1876 The Florida Yacht Club was organized for the purpose of promoting yachting and social enjoyment. From races and fine dining to tennis and leisurely cruises FYC has a lot to offer its members. The banquet areas of the Club include the Ballroom, Captain’s Walk, Astor Room and Patio, River Porch, and Terrazzo Lawn. At certain off-peak times the Commodore’s Room and Living Room may be booked for private functions as well. During regular dining service hours, the Formal Dining Room may only be closed and booked for private functions with the consent of the General Manager. The Pirate‚Äôs Den and Bar are not booked privately at any time. Additionally, the Fleet Center Patio and Lawn may only be used privately when not in conflict with waterfront and sail events. Member sponsored events are required to pay room fees for the use of the Club, and these fees are based upon each room’s particular purpose and size.

Member events are not subject to room rental fees.

To find more information about the banquet areas, browse the website. Find the plated and buffet and beverage menus online.

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