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Vacationing the healthy way!

I apologize for not blogging more lately, but I am on vacation in NJ visiting all of my family! This has been unlike my usual summer vacation because I have been trying to remain healthy. I’ve been continuing to make healthier eating choices, as well as exercise in the mornings. You would think it would be hard to wake up early on vacation to work out, but it actually feels very refreshing. Later this afternoon I’m going for a nice jog around the neighborhood, and doing some planks, pushups, and lounges. I feel lost without Jackie, and can’t wait to workout with her next week.

Some other exciting news – I bought my Wedding dress yesterday!!!! I went to Kleinfeld’s in NYC, and said yes to my dress!! I only tried on three dresses, and chose dress number two! It is very formfitting, and it was amazing to see my curves and my body fit into the dress. Especially since I know I am only going to look better and better after Jackie is done with me!!

So everyone having a hard time getting motivated, get up and go exercise. If I can do it on vacation so can you!! (:

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