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Whiteway Delicatessen

1237 King St., 389-0355
Back in late 2008, Whiteway Deli moved—well, sort of. It relocated about a block away and the interior layout in the new spot is almost exactly the same as before. Change doesn’t come easily to an 80-year-old community institution. The breakfast and lunch menus reflect that. Eggs, grits, bacon, toast, hash browns and ham and cheese in a pita cause regulars to arrive shortly after 7 AM. The tabouli is outstanding and is added to long-time faves like the Mac Special and the Dr. Berk. Smile when you pay at the register. You never know when owner Sammy Salem is taking your picture.
Order This: The Anne Beard Special with turkey, feta cheese, tabouli, peppers and Italian dressing in a pita.

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